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  • Construction of seaports along the Northern sea route, to enhance the delivery and transportation of cargoes.

  • Construction of the industrial park in the free trade zone in the southern part of Vladivostok.

  • Development of forest area in the Siberian region, the construction of approximately 2500 lumber and manufacturing factories.

  • Development of oil fields, construction of the pipeline with a view to a possible connection to pipelines in China, construction of a refinery in Saratov region.

  • Development of gas and oil fields, construction of a new plant for the production of liquefied natural gas (LNG), storage and transportation of LNG, laying oil pipelines connecting production and technological objects and port.

  • Construction of the coal enterprises and processing plant for the production of products for export.

  • The construction of hotels, casinos and resorts in the Vladivostok area.